Catamenial Seizures
A Form of
An Inquiry into the
Safest & Most

Seizures specifically tied to
your menstrual cycle mid
cycle ovulation days, the days
right before menstrual flow, or
during flow days? Do you
have seizures from mid-cycle
right through to flow? Or has
seizure activity increased or
changed in your late 30s
and 40s? You might have a
form of premenstrual
syndrome (PMS) called
catamenial seizures. New
brain research, in this leading-
edge report, offers several
safe new remedies.

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What to do About
Losing Your Hair

Ten action steps to put in
motion and save your hair.
Current research
accompanies each action.
Restore the quality and
quantity of your scalp hair
with the latest knowledge
from bio-medical science.

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Fatness in Women:
How to get Control
& Eliminate this

Adiposity (fatness) is a
species-wide adaptation
which evolved to buffer
possible food scarcity in the
pregnant mammalian female.
It is a phenomenon not a

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Polycystic Ovary
Syndrome - 
Dysfunction or
Naturally Ocurring

Reach your goals of
menstrual cycles, pregnancy,
weight loss, optimism and
health with this science
packed 31 page report.

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Syndrome (PMS):
New Scientific
Evidence Points to a
Neuro-receptor Malfunction as the

If you have life-altering PMS
or postpartum depression,
don't waste time with psycho-
therapy. Or have your health
jeopardized with un-
necessary surgeries. Get this
report and the newest facts
straight from the world's
foremost researchers.

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Women and
Depression: What
Molecular Biology
is Discovering
about the Female
Brain that Improves

Get this up-to-date report on
the triad of premenstrual
syndrome, postpartum
depression and difficult
perimenopausal transition.
Waiting for the newest
information to filter down to
your doctor can take time you
probably don't have.

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Women and Depression
What Molecular Biology is Discovering about the
Female Brain that Improves Treatment

Author:                     Heather Ewart  

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Question: My wife had our first child two weeks ago. She has been home for a week now and has been having the most terrible headaches. What could be causing this?

Answer: Possible diagnoses of persistent headache following a birth:

  1. Postural headache (improves when lying flat) after epidural anesthetic. Often compounded by accidental puncture of the dura allowing leakage of cerebral spinal fluid.
  2. Migraine or tension headache compounded by fluctuating estrogen and progesterone levels in the postpartum.
  3. Pregnancy-induced hypertension (high blood pressure).
  4. Meningitis.
  5. Cerebral tumor.
  6. Cerebral vascular accidents - subarachnoid hemorrhage, subdural hematoma, cerebral vein thrombosis.

PubMed articles used for this answer: British Journal of Anaesthesia 2000, 84:3: 407. The New England Journal of Medicine 1996, 335:11:768. Stroke 2000, 31:1274. Current Pain and Headache Reports 2004, 8:66 & 2001, 5:449. Circulation 1999:99:463. Search words: headache & postpartum